Reader's Digest September 1960

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    Judul : Reader's Digest
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Is it too Late to Win Against Communism, Charles Malik
    2. Australias Amazing Konrads Kids
    3. Listen to This Dear, James Thurber
    4. Lifes Hardest Year
    5. Student Marriage
    6. A New Automobile Engine
    7. Home Accidents wiill Happen Unless, Albert Maisel
    8. Try Being an Early Bird, Christian Herald
    9. Who Killed Les Wilson, Joseph Blank
    10. All the Worlds His Stage
    11. Our First National Seashore
    12. The Coming Crisis in Gold, james Daniel
    13. Bottleneck on the Seaway
    14. A Life Full of Butterflies
    15. Why We Sold the Farm
    16. Power Failure

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