Reader's Digest May 1985

    Author: Rafif Amir Genre: »

    Judul : Parents vs A World of Drugs
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Never I Go Back
    2. Blood will Revenged by Blood
    3. Huck Finn at 100
    4. Stones Throw from Life
    5. Britains Tchnology Wizard
    6. Confessions of a 3 day Grouch
    7. Aim for Success not Perfection
    8. Loaded for Bear
    9. It was just an Idea
    10. Mama Hale and Her Little Angels
    11. Eat Drink and be Wary
    12. Baby Talk
    13. Gift of Cochise
    14. This Little Bearn is Big Business
    15. In Praise of Darkness
    16. There are No Atheists in Canoes

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