Reader's Digest December 1982

    Author: Rafif Amir Genre: »

    Judul : Is There a Superior Sex?
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Someday Ill Carry You Across These Steps
    2. Mongolia
    3. Dangerous Myths About Nuclear Arms
    4. Games that Play People
    5. Avalanche
    6. This Lady is a Champ
    7. The Dog that Had to Learn to be Bad
    8. Save a Life Test
    9. How McGee Kep Chrismas
    10. Castles in the Sand
    11. What Americans Think about Their Lives
    12. Your Gift of Prophecy
    13. Deadlier than Heroin
    14. New Rules for the Marriage Game
    15. The Day I Grew up
    16. Watch Jamaica

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