Reader's Digest May 1970

    Author: Rafif Amir Genre: »

    Judul : Israel in Siege
    Daftar Isi :
    1. The Smugglers of Misery, William Schulz
    2. Vietnamizasion, David Reed
    3. Tom Morgans 2 way Gift, Joseph PB
    4. Ma Bell Takes her Lumps
    5. Courage of Sid Bennet
    6. Churchill Falls, Paul Friggens
    7. Bugatti, Curtis Cate
    8. Promise and Peril, Fred W
    9. TVs Wild World of Sports
    10. Salvaranis, Corrado P
    11. My family is Dying
    12. Why I Like the Japanese, Max Eastman
    13. Versailles Reborn, JD Ratcliff
    14. One Wondrous Year
    15. Last Gasp for Cigarttes, Steven MS
    16. So Long Duck, Virginia BM

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