Reader's Digest August 1968

    Author: Rafif Amir Genre: »

    Judul : New Goliaths of the Sea Lanes
    Daftar Isi :
    1. The Naked Ape
    2. Lessons from the Past
    3. Negotiation with North Vietnam
    4. They Get to the Heart of Africa, Clarence Hall
    5. Our Canine Kleptomaniac
    6. City Riots, William EG
    7. The Intention Gap
    8. Dear Bank Im Unbalaced
    9. At Home with Mr Jefferson, Thomas JF
    10. Gifts from God
    11. Rome the Radiant, John Gunther
    12. To Murder a President, Kim Shinjo
    13. Money Isnt everything
    14. Venezuelas New el Dorado
    15. The 2 Worlds of Sione
    16. How to Bug a Mosquito

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