Reader's Digest November 1969

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    Judul : Reader's Digest
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Jim Thompson Mystery, Noel FB
    2. Berlin, Tale of 2 Cities
    3. Jules Vernes Trip to the Moon, William AHB
    4. Alarming Case Against DDT, Charles Wurster
    5. Why Its a Mans World
    6. Gift of the Glaciers
    7. Philosopher and Schoolgirl, Jim Bishop
    8. Loneliness
    9. Answer to Our Blood Shortage, Robert massie
    10. Magic with Mums, Frank Taylor
    11. How Men Make Women Feel Loved
    12. Murder and Mother Tongue
    13. Penny Plumers Bequest
    14. Healthiest Spot in America
    15. New Voice for People, James Daniel
    16. Secret of Having Fun

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