Reader's Digest October 1968

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    Judul : Reader's Digest
    Daftar Isi :
    1. American Alternative to Violence, Justice Abe
    2. Alcoholic Housewife
    3. Ordeal at Embassy
    4. Yonders my Best Friend
    5. Talk to Your Children
    6. Bart Strarr
    7. America Can be More Beautiful, Lyndon Johnson
    8. Dr Burkitt Tracks a Cancer Clue
    9. Cuba Missile Crisis
    10. Isadora Duncan
    11. Simple Joys of Life, Minnie Bauer
    12. For the Worlds Forgotten, Clarence Hall
    13. Great Salt lake, Wolfgang L
    14. Extraordinary Eel
    15. Hurting from Headache
    16. Madame Curie

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