Reader's Digest July 1958

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    Judul : Reader's Digest
    Daftar Isi :
    1. I Fell 18000 Feet and Lived
    2. The Boy the Lady and the Headmaster
    3. The Cigarette Industry Changes its Mind, Lois Miller
    4. How to Reduce at $500 a Week
    5. Welcome House, Pearls S Buck
    6. The Truth About Russias Weakness
    7. Lets Ride the New Jet Liner
    8. Are You a Scatterbrain
    9. The Unforgettable Justice Brandeis, Morris Ernst
    10. Neglected Art of Being Different
    11. Facts about the Menopause
    12. John Gunther
    13. The Best Advice I Ever Had
    14. Now Nations Help Nations Round the Globe, William Hard
    15. Be Careful with the Moon, Eric Sevareid

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