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    Judul : The Century's Greatest Minds
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Thinkers vs Tinkerers and Other Debates
    2. I Want My Hotel Room Clean, Really Clean
    3. Starved of Peace
    4. Stuck in the Dumps by David Liebhold
    5. Ready to Rumble Again
    6. Around the World in 20 Days by Nadya Labi
    7. Time 100: The Great Minds of the Century
    8. Psychoanalyst: Sigmund Freud
    9. Aviators: The Wright Brothers
    10. Physicist: Albert Einstein
    11. Chemist: Leo Baekeland
    12. A Century of Science
    13. Rocket Scientist: Robert Goddard
    14. Philosopher: Ludwig Wittgenstein
    15. Child Psychologist: Jean Piaget
    16. How We've Become Digital
    17. Astronomer: Edwin Hubble
    18. Electrical Engineer: Philo Farnsworth
    19. Bacteriologist: Alexander Fleming
    20. Atomic Physicist: Enrico Fermi
    21. Kurt Godel, John Maynard Keynes
    22. The IQ Meritocracy
    23. Alan Turing, William Shockley, Jonas Salk, Watson and Crick, Rachel Carson, The Leakey Family, Tim Berners-Lee
    24. Cranks, Villains, Unsung Heroes
    25. Putting Science to Work
    26. A Century of Science Fiction
    27. What's Next?

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