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    Judul : America Under the Gun
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Can Singapore Fix its Schools? by Joseph S Nye
    2. Hot Enough for You?
    3. Table Tennis with a Ball You'll Never Lose
    4. In the Line of Fire
    5. Guns in America, What Must be Done
    6. The Gun War Comes Home by Howard Fineman
    7. A Visitor fron the Dark Side
    8. America's Weapons of Choice
    9. The New Age of Anxiety
    10. A Lower Body Count by John Leland
    11. Masters of the Kremlin
    12. Reopening Old Wounds
    13. The Fatherless Flock
    14. While the Sun Shines by Scott Johnson
    15. Magician fo Millions by Malcolm Jones
    16. Tropical dan Topical
    17. Eyes on the Eclipse
    18. Digging up Dirt in High Places, Yasunori Okadome

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