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    Judul : This is My Chance
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Sikhs Beyond Separatism by Pranay Gupte
    2. Casualties of War
    3. The High Cost of War
    4. Behind a Band of Rebels by Joshua Hammer
    5. Mother of the Revolt by Dorinda Elliot
    6. China. Lobby and Win 1-2-3
    7. Sonia Makes Her Play, India
    8. Terror on Flight 9463, Colombia
    9. Cyber-Savvy in Syria
    10. Spoiling for a Fight by Andrew Nagorski
    11. Stopping the Atastrophe by Lally Weymouth
    12. The Science of a Good Marriage
    13. Dawn of a New Solar System
    14. Trash Tv on Trial
    15. Sex Love and Romance, Film
    16. The Iceman Catches Fire
    17. Wide Awake in Sleepy Hollow
    18. Metropolitan Gentleman, Art
    19. In the Mind of Milosevic, Christopher Hill

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