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    Judul : Ocean's 13
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Preview: Ocean's Thirteen, Mr Brooks, Alien vs Predator 2, Bordertown
    2. March of Glory
    3. Show: Meet the Robinsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Reviews: Letter from Iwo Jima, Blood and Chocolate, Epic Movie, Hannibal Rising, Music and Lyrics, The Messengers, Norbit, Because I Said So
    5. Archive: Rocky Balboa, Ghost Rider
    6. DVD : The Departed, The Grudge 2, The Prestige, Marie Antoinette, The Hills 1st Season, Family Ties 1st Season, Pirates of the caribbean: dead Man's Chest
    7. DVD: Yojimbo and Sanjuro, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Silence of the Lambs, Romeo + Juliet, The Passion of the Christ
    8. Imaging the Underworld
    9. Christina Ricci, Jennifer Hudson, Steven Strait, Al Pacino, Justin Timberlake
    10. Oscar's Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Actress
    11. The 79th Annual Academy awards
    12. Oscar Controversies, Facts Stats and Records
    13. Road to Oscar
    14. Celebrity Moms
    15. Lost in Translating
    16. Stephen Prears
    17. Classic Movies of the Years 1966
    18. The Way of samurai
    19. When Favorite Actors Lost
    20. LOve Doesn't Live Here anymore

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