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    Judul : Relaxed
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Agenda: Easy Cozy, Joint Force, In the Mix, Touch of Luxury, Fun Stripes, Classy Look, Amazing Package,
    2. Shopping: Plates of Locals, Coffee Tables, Pendants, Let it Bowl,
    3. Trend: Groovy mood,
    4. Local Movement oleh Jazzy Refadebby
    5. House: Work of Art
    6. Local Hue
    7. Shopping Focus Living Room
    8. Less is Moorish
    9. Home: Magic in Compact, Eclectic Dream, Over the Rainbow,
    10. Gallery: Festive Curtains,
    11. Shop: Ovens,
    12. Ask a Designer
    13. Entertaining: Festive & Delish, Tempting Cuisine, Coastal Cool,
    14. Smartchic
    15. Piero Lissoni
    16. The True Essential for Interior Design
    17. Made in Italy

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