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    Judul : Special Hotel Section
    Daftar Isi :
    1. When in Miami by Susan Sheehan
    2. On Georgia Pond by Gerald Clarke
    3. Modernism in Context by Therese Bissell
    4. Zimmer+Rhode, Thibaut
    5. Formal Meets Folly
    6. Scott Snyder
    7. Paris's New Order
    8. Hotel: British Virgin Islands, South Africa, West Virginia, New Zealand
    9. Property: Austin, France, Jackson Hole, Palm Beach, Maine, ...
    10. Fade In House, Palm Desert by Nancy Collins
    11. The View from the Top by Gerald Clarke
    12. House of the Dolphins
    13. A Place fo All seasons
    14. Bay area Esprit
    15. Anglophiles on the Upper East Side
    16. Reclaiming Roots in Thailand
    17. Southampton Turnaround
    18. Sixty Miles of Solitude by Jeff Turrentine
    19. Beauty in Diversity by Peter Haldeman
    20. The Craftsman's Eye by Steven Aronson

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