Majalah Elle Juni 2011

    Author: Rafif Amir Genre: »

    Judul : The Body Works
    Daftar Isi :
    1. Wild for Tribal
    2. Posh Minimalist
    3. Perfect Cut
    4. Accesories Green
    5. Bag A Holic
    6. Emma Watson
    7. Dramatic Lash, Dazzling Shimmer
    8. Rosy Touch
    9. Delicate Aroma
    10. Jared Leto
    11. Sugar Cupcakes
    12. Reese is the Word
    13. Rock your Body
    14. Word that Save your Life
    15. Welcome to Cougar Town
    16. Bella Figura
    17. Beauty by Definition
    18. Sportswear Affair, Stylish Busy Bee
    19. Celebrating an Empire, Need for Speed
    20. Savege Beauty, Ivory Tale
    21. Rush Hour, Uptown Wave
    22. Grand Maison, Sporty Affair
    23. On the Spot, Sun Kissed Star
    24. Get your Perfect Shape, Body Language
    25. Personalize your Diet, Love for Lash
    26. Perpectly Polished, Great Seaweed
    27. Feel the Sand, Get it Tight
    28. Secret of Youth, Reinventing in Between
    29. Into her Playground, Guilt free Sweet
    30. Love from State, Min is in the Air, Creamy Bliss, Toshiba

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