Introduction to Financial Accounting

    Author: Rafif Amir Genre:

    Judul : Introduction to Financial Accounting
    Penulis : Horngren, Sundem, Elliott
    Penerbit : Prentice Hall
    Cetakan : 1993
    Tebal : 810 Halaman

    Daftar Isi :
    I. The Fundamental of Accounting
    1. Entities and Balance Sheets
    2. Income Measurement
    3. The Recording Process
    4. Accounting Adjustments
    5. Accounting Cycle
    II. Major Elements of Basic Financial Statements
    1. Sales Revenue
    2. Valuing Inventories
    3. Internal Control and Ethics
    4. Long Lived Assets
    5. Liabilities and Interest
    6. Cash Flows
    7. Stockholders' Equity
    III. Additional Elements of Financial Statements
    1. Intercorporate Investments
    2. Income Taxes
    3. Analysis of Financial Statements
    4. Financial Statements
    A. Wal Mart Annula Report
    B. Recommended Readings

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