International Marketing

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    Judul : International Marketing
    Penulis : Philip R Cateora
    Penerbit : Toppan
    Cetakan : 1987
    Tebal : 839 Halaman

    Daftar Isi :
    I. An Overview
    1. The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing
    2. International Trade: Concepts and Theory
    3. Strategic Planning and Organizing for International Marketing
    II. The Cultural Environment of Global Marketing
    4. Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets
    5. Business Customs and Practices in Global Marketing
    6. Political Environment-A Special Problem
    7. The International Legal Environment
    8. Geography
    9. Mutinational Markets
    10. Developing Markets and Market Behavior
    III. International Marketing Management
    11. Researching Global Markets
    12. Developing Consumer Products for Global Markets
    13. Marketing Industrial Products and Business Services
    14. The International Advertising and Promotion Effort
    15. Personal Selling and Personnel Management
    16. Pricing for International Markets
    17. The International Distribution System
    18. Export Trade Mechanics and Logistics
    IV. Corporate Context of Marketing
    19. Financial Requirement for International Marketing
    20. Coordinating ang Controlling Global Marketing Operations
    Appendix: The Country Notebook-A Guide for Developing a Marketing Plan
    V. Cases
    1. The Cultural Environment of Global Marketing
    2. International Marketing and the Corporate Context of Marketing

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