Financial Statement Analysis

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    Judul : Financial Statement Analysis
    Penulis : Clyde P Stickney
    Penerbit : Dryden
    Cetakan : 1993
    Tebal : 726 Halaman

    Daftar Isi :
    1. Overview of Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis
    2. Income Flows vs Cash Flows
    3. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles: Income Recognition and Asset Valuation
    4. Liability Recognition and Related Expenses
    5. Intercorporate Entities
    6. Data Issues in Financial Statement Analysis
    7. Profitability Analysis: Rate of Return on Assets
    8. Rate of Return on Common Shareholders' Equity
    9. Risk Analysis
    10. Pro Forma Financial Statements and Valuation
    11. Industry Analysis Cases
    A. Financial Statements for Coca Cola Company
    B. PepsiCo
    C. User Manual for Financial Statement Analysis Package

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