Basic Financial Management

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    Judul : Basic Financial Management
    Penulis : J William Petty dkk
    Penerbit  Prentice Hall
    Cetakan : 1993
    Tebal : 934 Halaman

    Daftar Isi :
    I. Scope and Environment of Financial Management
    1. The Role of Financial Management
    2. Financial Markets, Business Organization and the Tax Environment
    3. Mathematics of Finance
    II. Valuation and Management of Long Term Investments
    1. Risk and Rates Return
    2. Bond and Stock Valuation
    3. Capital Budgeting
    4. Advanced Topics
    5. Cost of Capital
    III. Financial Structure and Dividend Policy
    1. Analysis and Impact of Leverage
    2. Planning the Firm's Financing Mix
    3. Dividend Policy and Internal Financing
    IV. Financial Analysis, Planning and Control
    1. Evaluating
    2. Forecasting
    V. Working Capitla management
    1. Cash and Marketable Securities
    2. Accouns Receivable and Inventory
    3. Short Term Financing
    VI. Long Term Financing
    1. Raising Funds
    2. Term Loans and Leases
    3. Stock
    4. Convertible Securities and Warrants
    VII. Special Topics
    1. Corporate Restructuring
    2. Failure and Reorganization
    3. International Business Finance
    4. Financial Management

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