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    Judul : Ghost Rider
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    1. Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig Adventure in Golden Compass
    2. February's Ghost
    3. Primetime: 300, Ghost Rider, Zodiac
    4. Review: Primeval, Children of Men, We are  Marshall, The Queen, Code Name: The Cleaner
    5. Museum of Cliche Yet Fun
    6. DVD: Snake on a Plane, Crank, The Simpsons 9th Season. Lost 2nd season. A Battle of  Wits, Rocky, The Descent
    7. The Lights and The Magic of Indiana Jones
    8. Jack Black, Ian Somerhalder, Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Melissa George
    9. 2006 Movie Highlight
    10. 2006 Box Office Records
    11. Editor Picks
    12. The 64th Golden Globe Winners
    13. The 79th Academy awards Nominees
    14. What They Say About Love and Relationship and Tha Facts
    15. Lewat Tengah Malam
    16. No More Kancut Film Please...
    17. Pameran M2 dan Talkshow Film
    18. Unsur Otentik Film Perang
    19. Shawn Levy, Prince of Light Comedies
    20. Classic Movies of The Year 1965
    21. Oscar Best musical Score Ever

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