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    Judul : Nancy Reagan and Jacqueline Kennedy
    Daftar isi :
    1. Inside san Juan by Susan Sheehan
    2. A Scotland Yard by Derek Fell
    3. Dorothy Draper
    4. Duralee, S Harris
    5. Wallace E Cunningham
    6. To Have and to Hold, Book
    7. Illuminating Spaces by Wendy Moonan
    8. American Cigar Quilts by Amanda Vaill
    9. Properties: Spain, Greece, New York, Montecito, Vermont,...
    10. Nancy Reagan and Jacqueline Kennedy, The White House by Aileen Mehle
    11. Heir Transparent by Michael Webb
    12. Park avenue Classic
    13. Rethinking the Barn
    14. Hotel: Ojai Valley Inn and Spa by Peter haldeman
    15. Bact to Tradition by Susan Sheehan
    16. A Hill Country Harbinger by Philip Nobel
    17. Waxxing Purple in Manhattan
    18. Jewels by Design
    19. Fashion Designers' Interiors, Yves Saint laurent, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani

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