Stocks for the Long Run

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    Judul : Stocks for the Long Run
    Penulis : Jeremy J Siegel
    Penerbit : Irwin
    Cetakan : 1994
    Tebal : 318 Halaman

    Daftar Isi :
    I. The Verdict of History
    1. Stock and Bond Return Since 1802
    2. Stock, Bonds and Long Term Risk
    II. Stock Returns
    3. Stocks, Stock Averages and Stock Returns
    4. Stock Prices, Dividends and Earnings
    5. Large Stocks, Small Stocks, Value Stocks, Growth Stocks
    6. The Nifty Fifty Revisited
    7. Taxes and Stock Returns
    8. Global Investing
    III. Economic Environment of Investing
    9. Money, Gold and Inflation
    10. Inflation and Stocks
    11. Events which Move Financial Markets
    12. Economic Data and Financial Markets
    IV. Stock Fluctuations in the Short Run
    13. Stock Index Futures and Options
    14. Market Volatility
    15. Tecnical Analysis
    16. Calendar Anomalies
    V. Building Wealth Through Stocks
    17. Funds, Managers and Long Term Investing
    18. Investing for the Long Run

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