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    Judul : MaxiMarketing
    Penulis : Stan Rapp & Tom Collins
    Penerbit : McGraw Hill
    Cetakan : 1987
    Tebal : 278 Halaman

    Daftar isi :
    1. Problems and Challenges in Today's Marketplace
    2. The Essence of the MaxiMarketing Solution
    3. Maximized Targeting: Prospecting for Your Best Consumers
    4. Maximized Media: The New Embarrassment of Riches
    5. Maximized Accountability: Proving that It Works
    6. Maximized Awareness Advertising: Appealing to the Whole Brain
    7. Maximized Activation: Better Sales Promotion and More Inquiry Advertising
    8. Maximized Synergy: Double Duty Advertising
    9. Maximized Linkage: Encouraging Interested Prospects
    10. Maximized Sales fro Share of Mind and Customer Database
    11. Maximized Distribution Through Multiple Channels
    12. What Happens Next?

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