Financial Accounting

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    Judul : Financial Accounting
    Penulis : Jamie Pratt
    Penerbit : South Western
    Cetakan : 1994
    Tebal : 750 Halaman

    Daftar Isi :
    I. An Overview of Financial Accounting
    1. Financial Accounting and Its Economic Context
    2. The Financial Statements
    3. The Mechanics of Financial Accounting
    4. Cash Flows, Accruals and Adjusting Journal Entries
    5. The Measurement Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
    II. A Closer Look at the Financial Accounting
    1. The Current Asset Clssification, Cash and Accounts Receivable
    2. Merchandise Inventory
    3. Investments
    4. Long Lived Assets
    5. Liabilities
    6. Stockholders' Enquity
    7. The Complete Income Statement
    8. The Statement of Cash Flows
    9. Using Financial Statement Information
    A. The Time Value of Money
    B. Error Corrections
    C. Analyzing Financial Statements
    D. The Annual Report of Toys R Us, Inc

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