Cases in Financial Engineering

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    Judul : Cases in Financial Engineering
    Penulis : Scott Mason dkk
    Penerbit : Prentice Hall
    Cetakan : 1995
    Tebal : 815 Halaman

    Daftar Isi :
    1. Financial Innovation and the Financial System
    2. Securities Innovations
    I. Financial Engineering and Debt Securities
    1. Arbitrage Fundamentals
     The US Government Debt Market
     Coca Cola
    2. Taxes, Regulation and Accounting
     New England Property and Casualty
     Schroders' Perpetual Floating Rate Note Exchange Offer
     Metromedia Broadcasting Corporation
    3. Securitization
    II. Financial Engineering and Equity Securities
    1. Addressing Information Asymmetries
     Arley Mechandise Corporation
     Avon Products
     RJR Nabisco
     Sally Jameson
    2. Taxes, Regulation and Accounting
     Dart and Kraft Inc
     Waste Management Inc
    III. Engineering Exposures with Derivatives
    1. Managing Issuers' Exposures
     Currency Swaps
     Enron Gas Services
    2. Managing Investors' Exposures
     BEA Associates
     Leland O'Brien
     Goldman, Sachs & Co

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